Month 3: Constant challenges!

Another month done and almost a quarter of the way through my first year!
The monthly shop, which really was a shop for the whole month, amazingly lasted really well. The downside of doing that was that there really was nothing much in my account for extra little things. I’ll try weekly shops this month and see if that works better
My sons shoes have fallen apart and I need new glasses – need as opposed to want! It’s a no brainier really, my son has to have shoes – end of!
It’s things like this that I find so hard – the constant dilemma as to what is priority and the absolutely constant struggle to make the money stretch a bit further.
That said, I prefer this than the awful heart sinking feeling of having no means to get petrol for the car or food…..that’s not happened since the iva started….long may it last!

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Month One done!

……and by the skin of my teeth I’ve managed it!
All my budget plans were completely thrown out by an unexpected double council tax payment and the car cambelt!
It’s been tough on Ben as I’ve not been able to get in the snacks that he’s so used to having but as I told him, he’s had what he’s needed and not what he wanted. I wasn’t able to get Josh his birthday present either which I felt so bad about but got him a chocolate tray bake with candles!
That’s the worse thing about being in an iva – not the impact it has on me but the impact it has on the boys. I realised recently that for three years I’ve been over compensating since the divorce and getting them the things they wanted. I’m not talking about expensive items either, just plenty of food, a game or an item of clothing they’ve asked for. It’s all added up and hence I’m in this position…..still, we live and learn!

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Day 16: Back to normality and serious budgeting!

All in all, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting. Once you’re in the mindset that if you haven’t got the money, you can’t to the things you used to, there’s an odd sense of freedom in that. I’m not sorry that I’ve got no credit cards or overdraft – in previous years I would have brought things I liked but didn’t need. Now, I only buy things I need and if there’s something I like then I have to budget and save for it!
It’s early days yet and only the first month but at the end of this month it’s one less I have to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Day Nine: The test begins!

It’s the first true test of my budgeting skills this month. All payments bar one have gone out of my account and I’m back home tomorrow after a weeks holiday. The car’s cambelt had to be replaced which took a big chunk of my holiday money but thanks to a brilliant support network, it didn’t make an impact on my money for the month.
I’m hoping to end each month with a surplus, albeit only small, and that will be transferred over to my savings account for my emergency fund – in the words of Jean Luke Picard, ” Make it so”!

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Day 5: Centre PRcs is not iva friendly! ;)

……at least not if you want to do the activities or are taking 3 16 yr old teenagers who eating for England!
Have done quite well considering but need more basics like bread, cereal and squash. Lunch is simple with sandwiches or bread rolls, dinner so far has been pesto pasta and bolognaise. Today being Sunday am doing a cooked breakfast but not a roast…..maybe midweek if I can get out to a supermarket off site. This one is quite expensive for what you get but ok if there’s no choice.
It really will be a test of my budgeting skills!

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Day One!

Day One! I’m feeling positive and ready to take on the challenge. It could perhaps have started at a better time in some was because I’m off to Centre Parcs tomorrow – was booked in January and is out of season so much cheaper ( a gift from my ex MIL who gives us a holiday each year!) so I’ll just have to plan ahead with food and only one or two maximum paid activities ย for my son.
My sister is treating me to a Spa Day – something I’ve never done! I really do have a great support network in my friends who will help me in the days ahead ๐Ÿ™‚

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